Agronomy Training

Agronomy training is critical for ensuring the success and sustainability of modern agriculture


Agronomy Training

We encourage the farmers we work with to “be their own agronomist”.

We take farmers with us to several trainings during the winter to sharpen their agronomy knowledge and learn how the AgroVantage system works.

After completion of the training, many farmers see a 10-15 bu yield increase by implementing the concepts taught.

It is very important for us to empower farmers to have the knowledge and resources to be able to take control of their farms.

Many other companies ultimately do what is in their own best interest rather than putting the farmers first. We choose to flip those priorities by putting our clients first. We’ve seen many farmers be able to increase their profits and gain more financial freedom by learning how to control what they’re feeding their crops.







agronomy training

More about Agronomy:

Farmers who attend our Agronomy Training tend to:

- optimize crop production

- reduce input costs

- minimize the environmental impact of agriculture

- promote sustainable agricultural practices

- encourage crop rotation and integrated pest management

- add 10-15 bu per ac

- come back year after year to continue improving

- build life long connections with other farmers

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What Customers Are Saying

Andrew-Kahoka, MO

As first year farmers, we needed a lot of guidance and expertise in the realm of crop protection and hybrid selection. We found just that in the crew at Amp’d Up Ag. They were patient, answered all of our questions, and used all the products they recommended on their own farming operation. We are excited about the long term relationship we are building with Amp’d Up Ag!

Travis Dixon, Ladonia

Amp’d Up Ag was wonderful to work with. They were always responsive and helped walk me through implementing the AgroVantage System and learning to spray my own crops for the first time. They trained me to tissue sample and helped put agronomy within my reach empowering me to make smarter decisions. In doing so we had some of our best ever yields during a drought year even taking home a Missouri soybean district title in the no till cover crop category. I would not hesitate to reach out to Amp’d Up Ag for your on farm needs

Curt-Geneseo, IL

The AgroVantage program has allowed us to take full control of our fertility program without input from a COOP telling us we only needed 3 nutrients to grow our crop. This program gave us the tools we needed to find and correct nutrient deficiencies that we had by using both soil and tissue testing. It allowed us to improve the overall yield on one farm by nearly 40 bu./acre.”

What We Do

Amp'd Up Ag enables the farmer to stand out from the rest through the following:

  • • Farmer Owned and Operated
  • • Strive for Transparency in Pricing
  • • Offering the Best Soil Safe Products
  • • Customisable Solutions for any Farm
  • • No Geographical Territories
  • • Top Notch Training
  • • Networking Opportunities with Industry Leaders

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