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Our Gallery showcases the very best services in our field. We never settle for second best, and always have your satisfaction as our top priority. It’s who we are!


Our Gallery

Today the Amp’d Up Ag team is made up of farmers all across the Midwest and row crop states. The farmers we work with share knowledge and help one another succeed, which we realize doesn’t happen just everywhere. We contribute that to our culture.

About Amp’d Up Ag

Amp’d Up Ag has taken up the torch to restore the moral compass in America, expose the over pricing and over applying of nutrients, and get you the farmer, the best deal.

Why? So farmers stay profitable and pass their farm on to the next generation!

Amp’d Up Ag  aim to help farmers break away from practices and advisors that didn’t make sense for their farm, save money on inputs, address limiting factors, and most importantly help farmers become their own agronomists!

What We Do

Amp'd Up Ag enables the farmer to stand out from the rest through the following:

  • • Farmer Owned and Operated
  • • Strive for Transparency in Pricing
  • • Offering the Best Soil Safe Products
  • • Customisable Solutions for any Farm
  • • No Geographical Territories
  • • Top Notch Training
  • • Networking Opportunities with Industry Leaders

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